“One lazy angel, but I guess – you’re an angel – so you can afford to be lazy.”

People: why do you think you don’t need feminism?

Me: It’s not that I don’t need or do need anything.  I just don’t get why we all need to put labels on different kinds of attempts for equality.  I honestly don’t see why we need to label anything.  Why can’t we all just look at ourselves in the mirror, reach out, touch the glass, and say with a small smile, “this is who I am.”  So many people in this day and age grow up feeling uncomfortable in their own skin.  If what you call feminism is an attempt for women to be the same as men, then you have your answer as to why I don’t.  I am not a man.  I am not the same as a man.  I have different curves, different pieces, and different thoughts in my head.  Women and men are not the same and are not equal in all things.  Some things women tend to be better at, and some things men tend to be better at.  Now, am I not saying that women do not deserve to be treated as more than objects for viewing pleasure or to be treated as less than men because they are not the same? No.  I am saying that too many people seem hellbent on eliminating the differences between males and females.  We constantly claim that differences are to be embraced, and yet I’ve had so many women spit in my face and say I don’t like my own sex because I believe in covering myself and not making others around me uncomfortable.  I believe that people all need to have their own beliefs on how they do things, and that if everyone could just learn a little respect and understand that being “offended” literally does nothing for them or anyone else, then the world could run more smoothly.

I’m just getting sick of the way people view me as woman.  Either I am an offense to my gender because I believe that the job needs to get done whether you’re male or female, or I am an offense because I believe in backing down to someone if they’re going to get the job done better.  If I need to take a hold of a situation, then I will, but if someone, even – god help us – a man, is doing better than me, then I will be more than happy to let them continue.  If this idea of feminism is needing to be better than the other sex in everything and that women are superior, then that in itself shows a vital flaw in the idea that can be seen as inferiority.  The sexes are not at war.  They are supposed to be in balance – pieces to complete each other.  Equal pieces.  If I’m intimidating to you, then why aren’t you stepping up to the challenge?  Why is it always my job to come down to your level?  If I’m an offense, then be offended.  It’s not like it effects me any if your feelings are hurt, no matter what way you look at me.

In the end, my quickest answer is, I don’t believe any of these labels need to exist.  I think in general we are all looking for “equality” and not to be the same.  At least, that’s what I’m looking for.


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