“I don’t want to wear a dress. They’re downright suffocating.”

Prom season is here/coming up for most of you guys.  Here’s my list of dos and don’ts for prom night 🙂


  1. Wear the dress.  So your mom is a little offput by your so called style.  So you don’t want something glittery or sparkly.  Girls and guys alike, wear what you want.  Dress formal, but add your own twists to make it your own.  It’s your prom dress/tux.  It’s your night.
  2. Go in general.  I recently had a friend who said she didn’t want to go to prom because her boyfriend had just broken up with her and she didn’t want to go stag.  GO STAG.  Screw him and everyone else.  You have one prom night, so make it an awesome one that will make said person/people jealous of your nerdy, cool dancing skills.
  3. Take pictures.  You want to remember this night for the rest of your life, so take lots of pictures to show your older self how much fun you had.  Post some in the comments for me to see 🙂 (is that even possible?)
  4. Dance with everyone.  One of the biggest things me and my best friend do when we go to dances is dance with every group on the floor.  You know how it gets.  The little circles form of the friends.  Burst into their dance parties and show them that they’re just as cool as everyone else.  For everyone’s sake, don’t make prom clichy.  Please.
  5. Slow dance with your date at least, least, once.  I can understand if lots of people want to slow dance with you, but you need to at least save one dance for him or her because you chose them especially to go with you.


  1. Do not get wasted and try to drive anywhere.
  2. Do not waste your future with unprotected sex.
  3. Do not punch anyone (unless they’re assholes.  Then punch them.)
  4. Do not do anything while you’re there (drug wise.)

One of the biggest impacts anyone has ever made on me was this one guy who dragged me into a rave even though I wanted to sleep in a corner (it was late ok?) and pushed me into the crowd.  When I grumbled about it, he looked at me and said, “You’re not drunk, why not dance?” At first I thought he was crazy and had it totally backwards.  Now I realize, though, that he was totally right.  You should want to dance, not need coping mechanisms to let loose and have fun.  Wow, Rebel, way to never realize that you dull, thick child.  So, just have fun and don’t think you need anything to boost your confidence.  Adrenalin does enough of that on its own.  Do fun things.  Don’t do stupid things.  Simple?  Good.


Wear the dress.  Quote is from a story of mine.


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