Sad quotes from my book series that make me sad…

“Sorry, Miss, if you don’t mind me asking, what is that on your neck?”

“Just a memory that I never wanted to forget.”

“It’s a phoenix wing, the symbol of reincarnation.  Were you reincarnated?”

“In a sense I was, but I think I would have much preferred the last life.”


“Is it more important to remember who you were, or who you need to be?”

“I don’t know.  Is it more important to live as if you were dying or to die as if you’ve been living the entire time?”


“I never got to tell him that I loved him.  I never took the time to make sure he knew!”

“He knew.”


“My life was written out as a tragedy from the very first day I stepped into this hallway.  I just never knew that it would turn out quite so happy in between.  It just makes the pain all the more bittersweet, doesn’t it?”


“Don’t worry.  We all have demons.  It’s the choice of whether you control them or they control you that makes good and evil.”


“I have to leave, or else they may never have the peace they deserve.”


“Destiny is something we tell ourselves so that we have an explanation of why we change so easily.”


“Never forget me, but, please, never remember who I am.”


“If you walk through that door right now, there will never be a way to come back.”

“That’s what I’m hoping.”


“They say that a goodbye is a word to end something, but I say it’s a word to release someone.”


“Is she a Demon? Angel?”     “Human.”


“So, any human that is born with dark energy instead of light will eventually turn into a demon.”


“All that time I spent looking for a way out of it…All that time I wasted trying to fight or avoid fate.  Now I know though, that I needed to do neither of those things.  All I needed to do was live.”


“It’s good to know that, even after all this time, she’s still the same woman.”


So, I’m making an art piece and I decided to incorporate these quotes from my series.  The piece is supposed to give this kind of sad description of the main character Avana Black.  I took quotes about her and from her, and I’m adding these photos as well.

I’ve been making myself sad all week coming up with this stuff 😦 I do love it though, and I think it will be awesome once I’m done 🙂  A couple of these used a character called Alberona as a base for the facial structure.  She’s from Fairytail.


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