“You’re an idiot – handsome, but an idiot.”

Dear young adults living their lives,

Here are 5 things to keep in mind while going about your day to day lives:

  1. You can find someone hopelessly attractive and still hate them.  Being pretty is never the cure to being an asshole.  Although, it has gotten me out of a couple situations.
  2. There is such a thing as loving someone without being in a relationship.  Siblings have it, and, a lot of the time, opposite sex friends have it.  Just because they’re nice, handsome, etc. doesn’t mean that everyone in their life loves them that way.  Get that through your thick skull, bro.  Sorry, personal message to a narcissist.
  3. Life can really suck sometimes.  It’s true, admit it.  Life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine, but normally the reason is our own faults.  Swallow your pride and see it.
  4. Doing drugs, drinking, getting tattoos or piercings, and cussing doesn’t make you look any more adult.  Maturity is based on your actions.  A guy can have all the wholes and tats he wants and still have a steady job and love of God.  If you think you look cool like that, just stop.  You’re much cooler if you’re educated, have a job, and have a license.  Get tattoos and piercings only if you want them.
  5. If you wanna be cool, then just be yourself.  Some people are just naturally “cool” (like me.  Naturally chill, relaxed, but fun), but you can’t force yourself into anything you aren’t.  IT’S OK TO LIKE PANDAS AND SHOUJO.
  6. Haha you thought I lied about the 5 thing? Secret number 6: PEOPLE LIE.  Don’t lie.  Being honest is a lot more painful to others usually.

Nice short post tonight, but still important.  Don’t worry.  I’m here for you, and never be afraid to comment and ask something or vent your problems.


Basically, this is my advice for you tonight.  The quote is another one from my book Dark Energy.


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