“White Rabbit, if there are no heroes in this world, why don’t you become a hero?”

Depression is a pit of hopelessness and despair.  It can create a darkness in your heart that makes you believe that there is no such thing as heroes.  Maybe that’s why people like me look up to superheroes so much.  We can’t find heroes in our own real lives, so we search for heroes in fictional places to give us the feeling of hope we’ve never experienced.  It’s an even better for me, a writer, because we can create the heroes we desperately wished existed.  They can be vigilantes or maybe the perfect soldier, etc.  Still, after you finish reading a book, or writing one, it feels hollow to realize that a superhero like them doesn’t really exist.

Keeping faith in humanity is becoming a harder and harder feet with all the negativity that bubbles up in our society.  The news we see is all about death, destruction, and pain, with maybe a glimmer of good here and there.  People walk around each day, desperate to find a hero that will save them from all the horror.  We wish, and dream, and throw ourselves into desperation over the darkness in our world.  Yet, we simply sit and complain about it constantly.  We blog about our problems, and the problems of the world, but no one ever does anything.

“White Rabbit, if there are no heroes in this world, why don’t you become a hero?”

It’s true.  If there are no heroes in this world, then why don’t you do something about it?  We were all given our talents for a reason.  I try to be a hero by writing things like this, as well as other pieces.  I try to write things that people can relate to, and that may inspire them to make a change in their own lives. If we all put in an effort, then all our small changes will lead to one massive movement.

If you can’t find a hero, then become one.