“Personal rules, Avana doesn’t like people touching her.”

Hi again!
As I stated previously, I am a writer.  As a writer, I have finished my first book: Dark Energy.  It’s difficult sitting here, now that it’s over, and trying to write down some author’s notes for the beginning of the book.  It’s not what I want to say really, but how I want to say it.  I want to make myself sound intelligent, but understanding.  I don’t want to come off as too much, or as rude, but at the same time, I have strong words to say.  I just now realized that whatever I write simply has to come from my heart.

I think that’s something we all struggle with on a daily basis.  We want to say something specific, but we don’t know how to put it so that we can still seem nice.  I ask you this: Why bother with such vanity?  If you have something to say that is rude and straight forward, that is always what it is going to come off as, no matter how nicely you put it.  Beating around the bush doesn’t get anyone anywhere.  You’re running in circles and only wasting your time and everyone-elses.  Chances are that if you have someone you want to say something rude to, you probably don’t like them.  So, why do we pretend to like people we don’t?  Isn’t that cruel to them to lie and say things you don’t mean, when all along you really just want to stab them in the eye with a spoon? (I speak metaphorically of course.  Please, don’t stab someone in the eye with a spoon.)

On the other hand, you can’t judge a person too early.  It takes a long conversation of real talk to know if you like someone or not.  You can’t just look at the girl across the street and go “I don’t like her,” based on what she looks like.  You don’t know her, her story, or anything about her preferences or dislikes.  You can take me as a good example of “appearances are deceiving.” When you first meet me, I dress like a modern, sheik girl with a good sense of style, and a good attitude.  In reality, I’m a huge nerd, I am rude and abrupt, and I am overconfident.  When people first meet me, they always say, “Wow, you are a lot different than I expected.” I’m not hiding who I am.  I just dress a different way than I act.  I don’t wear beanies and band t-shirts, but I am kind of a hipster.

There is a quote from an anime called RWBY, “Friends are strangers you just haven’t met yet.”  It stands true for all sorts of people.  Strangers cannot be judged by what they are like on the outside.  If you judge everyone like that, you are bound to end up with no friends and lots of enemies.  You just have to brave the waters and talk to lots of different people to find out who you are compatible with.  You never know who you might make friends with in this world.  It’s my dare to you, personally, to talk to someone you might have never considered talking to.  You never know what you might find.



“Aren’t first impressions deceiving? You see a nice, cute girl, and it turns out she’s the mean one!”

I believe that introductions are in order, now that I have everything set up.  It took me a ridiculous amount of time to get through everything, but I think I have finally succeeded.  I do believe it’s important to introduce ones-self to the people he or she will be addressing.  So, to you I am called Rebel Hart.  Unfortunately, I am a bit of a mysterious, secretive person when it comes to my identity.  That is the only thing I will reveal for now.  I will say this, however: I am a young writer with a goal of going into literature and writing science fiction.  I also enjoy the philosophical post every now and then, and I will post many poems (poetry is a strong suite of mine).  I first found out about this website through a friend of mine who also posts on here.  (You should check out her page.  It’s called “A Writer’s Thoughts.”)  I also have links to another blog-type cite and to my facebook page if anyone is interested.  I do hope you enjoy what I post, but I must say that I will write on controversial subjects occasionally.  It is always valuable to remember that opinions are not facts, and opinions can be accepted without being shared.  Also, if you are wondering, the quote above is from a book I am currently writing.  All of the quotes I start with will probably be from that or other sources.